Bath Running Festival - 25th July 2021

This was my first venture into the Bath Running Festival which is run by Relish Running. Arriving at the park and ride in Bath at 8am ready for the extra buses put on by the race organisers meant that I had plenty of time to mooch to the Bath Recreation Ground ready for my 10am start.

There were four races to choose from; 5k, 10k, Long Half and the 27 mile trail marathon-the later being my choice of run and I must say that it was a great route. It started at the Bath Recreation Ground before joining the canal path and then heading out to Batheaston, enjoying some crazy climbs and super views of Bath.

I moved my way to the front 5 of the 105 strong pack and plodded along nicely, enjoying some  delightful snacks at the very frequent (3 miles) food stations. This was definitely needed after the beastly Holts Down Climb which was a 20% gradient climb that gained 320ft in 0.3 miles!!!

This race was a 2 lap race with a 2hr 50 cut off after the first lap. I managed to maintain my  position and was 4th at the halfway point, joining the 61 runners who made the cut off. The second lap was a trickier affair with scary cows blocking gates and the afore mentioned Holts Down Climb seeming to go on forever but I managed to get over the cramp to plod home in a time  of 4hrs 2 minutes in 5th place.

It was a great day, a great set up and certainly an event that lots of Buzzards would enjoy .