Welfare is essential to contribute to good practice within athletics. It helps develop an environment that promotes the wellbeing and safety of athletes, as well as coaches, officials and volunteers, above other considerations including the development of performance. Welfare covers a range of issues such as safeguarding and protecting vulnerable people, anti-bullying, poor practice in coaching and disciplinary matters. 

Malvern Buzzards Running Club follows the policies and procedures set out by England Athletics, which include: codes of conduct; procedures to follow for dealing with safeguarding concerns, other welfare issues or complaints; to meet our statutory responsibilities to safeguard and protect children and adults.

The club has two welfare officers, one male (Paul White) and one female (Alison Foster), who work together to deal with welfare matters that affect the club. Paul White is the Lead Welfare Officer. They would always welcome your thoughts to help ensure the welfare of all club members and to discuss any welfare matters.