Interested in the Malvern Buzzards Running club? 

This page aims to provide enough information to help you decide on whether we are the club for you. Loosely formed in 2016, we became a club in October 2017 and were affiliated to England Athletics (EA) in January 2018. Our club number is 7693045. We welcome runners of all abilities over the age of eighteen.

Club runs are arranged through the running app, Strava. Run Leaders post a “club event” that shows the distance, pace, route, and meet up details (time, date and place) and members “click in” if they wish to join. This lets runners and leaders see who is turning up. If you can’t make it then please click out or text the run leader so the group are not waiting for you.  You can find a guide here. Please email us first to show your interest before requesting to join our Strava club.

Most of our runs are on trails, but we do offer tarmac sessions. As we have grown there are now runs happening on most days (all details loaded on Strava). We have over fifteen volunteer Run Leaders so it means there is often an adventure on fresh trails!


Membership runs from 1st April to 31st March and costs £29 per year. You will be automatically registered as an athlete with England Athletics (EA) (or as Second Claim if already registered with another club) and therefore able to access the relevant discount on race entries etc. and allows you to participate in club team events. 

Email the Membership Team here for more information or select the button below and complete the form.

If you are transferring from another running club then EA charge a £10 transfer fee and you do this direct with them.

Subs are paid online via EA / Stripe once we process your application.


We love our kit and the feedback we receive suggests others love it too! A number of members joined because they had seen Buzzards at events in the kit. Full details on how to buy is on the Merchandise page.


We have Facebook and Instagram accounts and loves to hear what you are upto. Please take time to like, follow and retweet as appropriate to maximise our reach. There is also a WhatsApp (Run Info) (chat) groups that you can join, although it is recommended that you switch off notifications for the messages coming through!


Our Team Managers (Neil Warne and Andy Kenchington) are responsible for arranging any teams in events and we compete in Herefordshire and Borders Cross Country league. 

We also have a race league to encourage a bit of competition amongst members, try out some new and different races and build a bit of a "wake" (collective noun for Buzzards) at the events.

Neil is elected by our members and serves on the Committee and Andy is a volunteer who provides support with team events.

If you find an event you think is really Buzzardy then please click here to email them and get it on the radar for the future.


If you have any questions, then please send us an email by clicking here and the relevant Committee member will get back to you ASAP.