RED January (Run Every Day)

Calling all Buzzards! We have a record to break.

During RED January 2023 20 Buzzards ran a total of 2334 miles. 2500 miles is the target for January 2024.

What happens?
Participants resolve to Run Every Day during January.
I’ll set up a Chat for those opting in so we can encourage each other.
At the end of January each participant will send their total mileage to me and I’ll do the sums. Well, Excel will! And we will excel!!

Must I run!?
Buzzards is a Running Club.. but we all have off-days, or days after a marathon (well some) … go for a walk, do a class at the gym..etc rather than do nothing! Also we must be safe and if we get an icy spell adaptations should be made.

And how far?
A minimum ‘run a mile’ seems an achievable goal. It’s got to be worth be getting changed into running gear!
However it’s up to you and how you want the challenge to work for you as an individual.

However and whenever it suits you……solo, on a Buzzards event, with a buddy, a race…

If you’d like a memento of your achievement a unique medal, £4, will be available to order from 14th January onwards.

I’ll post a group run for the evening of 31st January to which all Buzzards are invited to help celebrate.

This is the official website to give those interested a bit more background. There is no requirement to sign up to this as well. That’s up to you.

See post on Strava for full details.