Buzzards Barkley Marathon - 23rd May 2021

Sunday 23rd May was the second Buzzards Barkley Marathon, there were some changes to the 2020 event, with loosened restrictions and the need to host in a slightly different area, we decided
to have a manned race HQ and after event BBQ all hosted from Damson Tree Lodge in  Castlemorton.

This gave us the opportunity to completely change the book areas from 2020 and allowed us to explore areas including Ledbury, Eastnor, Little Malvern, Castlemorton, Berrow and Birtsmorton, some of which were a new experience for all of us. 

44 runners as solo and in teams of 2, 3 and 4 braved the chilly elements on the day, with grouped staggered start times from 7am to 9am, they set off with their Barkley Booklet and Map in search of the 40 hidden books. With a maximum of 6 hours to find as many books as possible, everybody made it back to race HQ safely where the page checking and counting was done and a delicious BBQ with hot drinks was waiting for everyone, kindly prepared by Sally Jakeman and Joe.

Team Jack Abbotts / Alun Rees came in first place after finding 39 books,
second place was team Dave Lewis / Mark Childe with 30 books
third place was team Sarah Armstrong, Alison Owens & Ally Fletcher with 24 books.
Awards for Most Checkpoints and Greatest Elevation went to Jack & Alun.
Best Selfie award went to Nicola Brighton.

Thanks to the following for helping with the event:
James Elliot-Williams at E-W Commercial Publication for printing all the booklets and maps
Chia Charge for providing tasty snacks and Buff spot prizes
Sally & Joe at Damson Tree Lodge for hosting 
Woodshed At The Bridge for providing the 3 awards
Bamford Mortgages for providing the new event banner
Lasers Are Us for supplying the slate finishers medals

Preparation has already begun for the 2022 event which is going to be even bigger and better.
Team Barkley
Adam Dyson, Lily Price, Kate Dolphin & Paul Dolphin

From The Winners:
Most checkpoints & greatest elevation: Alun Rees & Jack Abbotts
What an amazing event!
We’re chuffed to have won (I think I’d have had my last kudos from Jack if we hadn’t)! The
reality however is the whole event was brilliant and everyone taking part felt like they had won
something as we scattered over the countryside trying to find some well hidden books with the clock ticking. The event team (Adam, Dolph, Kate and Lilly) put on a great race so a huge thanks to them from everyone who took part. If this race was open to the public it would be overwhelmed with entries, so how lucky are we? And big thanks to Sally for hosting HQ on the day.
We had a lot of laughs, were slightly guilty of ‘run first, read map second’, one book evaded our forensic searching (I’m still convinced Adam put it ‘in the wrong place’ but somehow others found it - must be magic!). And I can still taste Jacks anti cramp pickle juice with coffee sachet he found in the depths of his pack!!! I’ll take the cramp next time...! 
We snuck into the finish about 30 seconds before the 6 hour cut off (very exciting racing the clock!) and loved seeing everyone who had got in before us for a great BBQ. BOTHO by everyone.

Best Photo: Nicola Brightion Once I’d entered the Buzzards Barkley’s race I knew I had to do some serious training! So off I went getting in some Selfie’s amongst miles. I chose my running partner Sarah Kellett based upon her camera skills, plus she’s a good runner too. I knew I’d find the right
moment on the run, and once we got to Tinkers Hill there it was. We found the book underneath
the magical stones, and they levitated onto my head. Sarah captured the moment and the rest is
history! I thoroughly enjoyed the race and am very pleased to have have been given this prestigious award. I’ve only recently joins the Buzzards, but I’ve been made to feel very welcome and I’ve met some lovely people.