Malvern buzzards running club takes part in 24 & 12 hour Joust event - 4th & 5th of September 2021

A number of Malvern Buzzards members took part in Ultrarunning ltd Joust24 and Joust12 on the 4th & 5th of September. A running event where you run as many miles as you can around a 5 mile loop for 12 or 24 hours.
This involved camping on site just by the start/finish line and grab sleep when you can in between laps.

The Malvern Buzzards ladies team of 8 members: Ali Webb, Alice Dyson, Lily Price, Clare Wood, Nicola Brighton, Karen Pollard, Sarah Armstrong and Dominique Kent Won the team event by running 48 laps in total (130 miles). As the Ladies ran lots of laps in pairs or more the team accumulatively did over 250 miles in 24 hours. It was definitely a team win.

Buzzards member Clare Wood comments "As someone who has not taken part in a huge amount of events I had a great time running the joust. That was completely down to the ladies on our team, they were so supportive and funny and we had a great time. The time passed really quickly as we were all busy helping each other out, making sure we had everything we needed and cheering each other in and out of laps, everyone encouraged each other. We also ran the first and last laps all together as a team and this made a real difference to that feeling of inclusion. The weather whilst great for camping was a bit too hot for running and there was real care by all the team and solo Buzzards to look after each other."

While Sarah Armstrong was very happy to partake in a slice of Karen's delicious homemade banana and walnut cake commenting that it made the ladies run faster

Buzzards captain Lily Price commented "One of my 5 laps was the sunrise lap. I joined up with two of the solo Buzzard runners Marc and Martin and we set off in darkness with our head torches on. A few miles into the lap the sun started to rise and the sky was turning red. As as we continued to run the sun rose higher finishing the lap with the sun low in a bright red sky which was a stunning view to finish and pass the baton on to Dominique."

Bill Adsett ran the Joust24 solo, running 91.97 miles in total. He won the veteran category and came 4th Male overall.
Marc Soley ran the Joust24 solo running 70.18 miles in total, his longest distance to date! No doubt he'll be looking to up to 100 miles soon! He came 5th Male overall.
Martin Reed-Darby also ran the Joust24 solo running 48.65 miles in total.
Adam Dyson ran the Joust12 solo and ran 50miles inside the 12 hours with time to spare.

Special thanks to club member Elizabeth Crosswell for running some midnight laps with us as a support.