NEW Run Coordinator: Jason Keyte

Jason recently took on the role of Run Coordinator for Malvern Buzzards Running club, he recently commented "I’m a born and bred Malverner and have been a member of the buzzards for nearly 2
I joined as a fairly inexperienced runner and have been overwhelmed with the encouragement and support the club has provided me in this time. As a result of this support, I’ve been able to develop my fitness and achieve a number of personal goals including a half marathon and a 100
mile week; at present I’m working towards my first full marathon.

Running with the club has created a great sense of community, which has positively enhanced my experience with running. I hope that I can emulate the encouragement I have been given and help others with their running journey.
My role will be to co-ordinate runs with Run Leaders to ensure a good cross-section of events are offered for all members. If you require anything specific or have any questions outside of this, don’t hesitate to contact me. Happy Running."